Sun Tea Jar

Find a Glass Sun Tea Jar and make the best Sun Tea ever!

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Sun Tea Jar

Sun Tea is refreshing beverage that you can customize in many ways.  Aside from your choice of tea, the most fun way to customize your creation is with a fun glass sun tea jar.  Maybe it is a personal preference, but a glass sun tea jar gives me a far better brew than plastic and the designs and style options are really neat.  Think about the options you have for infusion in glass jars - lemons and berries - possibilities are endless.

Why invest in a good glass sun tea jar?  For me, waiting 3 or 4 hours for a brew and then being dissapointed with the result is really dissapointing and a good sun tea jar can can help give you a consistant result as opposed to plastic.

If you are looking for less expensive sun tea jars, you have options with a plastic jar.  These can be found anywhere - Target or Walmart - your favorite retailer will likely have one.  I think I have see plastic sun tea jars at the local drugstore for less than ten dollars.  Again, to me, it is worth spending a bit more to by glass  because your glass sun tea jar will be easier to sanitize, your teal will taste better and most are dishwasher friendly - although it depends on the spigot in some cases.

Once you have a sun tea jar, take time to make sure that it is clean.  You should be sure that you read recomedations for sanitizing.  Also, research the optimal sun and temprature conditions for the jar that you purchase.  I always make sure to set a timer once you decide how long you want your sun tea to brew for.  Understanding the flavor rewards, potential risks with different brewing times of sun exposure and temprature will help you decide what is best for you.