Sun Tea Jar

Find a Glass Sun Tea Jar and make the best Sun Tea ever!

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Sun Tea Jars and Recipes

There are a lot of good Sun Tea recipies out there.  There are three main factors in making great sun tea.  First, you have to find a good blend and know the ratio (bags to ounces of water) that gives you the flavor that you like.

Second, you need to look for good qualiry sun tar jars.  Glass sun tea jars will generally give you the best brewing and they are much easier to clean and sanitize.  Consider the benefits of sun tea jars with and without spigots.  Spigots are generally a bit more difficult to keep clean.

Third, make sure your brewing conditions are optimal.  The best conditions for brewing your sun tea will vary (it takes a bit of trial and error), but as you can imagine a clear sunny day is best.  Personally, I have a couple of one gallon glass sun tea jars and with my brew, a 75 to 85 degree day, clear skies and 3 to 4 hours is a great combination.